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Foot Tracks on Sand


Feb. 2 Day at Princess Cays.  Frolic in the water or enjoy the sunny beaches.

2 Seminars on Feb. 3rd and Feb. 6th. 

Tell Us Your Story!

Trainers who attended The Ranch (pre-cruise workshop with Amy  Fennell) will have time to tell about their experience and show pictures they took of their training session.

On Feb. 4th don't miss our trip to El Junque to see the preserve for the Puerto Rican Amazon. Signing up is as easy as contacting Carol.

Feb. 5th will be a free time day on St Thomas.




You will be given an onboard itinerary for all group events before our cruise. 

Let’stalkpre-cruise workshop training birds one-on-one with Amy Fennell (see her story in Seminars.)then once you attend the workshop (only open to cruisers on the PLC)Tell us your story!'Two seminars for our new parrot training stars onboard on Feb 3rd and Feb 6th. The group can't wait to hear your Story.And on Feb 4th, don't miss the trip to El Junque to see the Puerto Rican Amazons.Free time at St Thomas on Feb 5th.


Wishing you

all a safe trip home on Feb. 8th.

Till we meet again.

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