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Nov. 6

Our Really Super Awesome & Wonderfully Magnificent Event You Should Attend #1 

​Trip to Belize Bird Rescue in Belmopan, Belize. We will be taking a bus to the facility to meet Nikki who has been changing the lives of birds in Belize by rescuing and releasing wild parrots, all while teaching others about conservation. Her center is located on a beautiful farm with lots of birds to see. We will be having lunch catered by Nikki's son-in-law who owns a local restaurant. One of my favorite people and also the best place to visit to really see a one-woman operation. Nikki is out to change the world one parrot at a time. She is a valuable warrior for parrots to have on their side.

 If you like the Rock Farm Guest Houses, you might want to come back for a 7-day adventure. See Land Tour on this website.

We will stop at the beautiful Art Box for some shopping before returning to the dock.

Shore Excursion is $115.00 per person which includes a $36 donation to Belize Bird Rescue.

Food and Drinks will be available at the site, they are not included in the excursion price

Nov . 7

Our Really Super Awesome & Wonderfully Magnificent Event You Should Attend #2

A excursion not to be missed. Xcaret is an amazing eco-park with so many birds to see, your parrot locator will be tingling. We will go to Xcaret via a water taxi to Playa Del Carmen where we get a bus to Xcaret. Then you are on your own to explore the park. Don't miss the aviary, their newest parrot exhibit. Lots of macaws as well as other birds to enjoy.

This excursion is offered by Carnival at a price of $109.99

Nov. 3

Nov. 3

Nov. 8

Our Really Super Awesome & Wonderfully Magnificent Event You Should Attend #3

Our seminars are the best way to learn about birds, and meet and get to know others in our group. Look for our schedule of several seminars conducted by Carol. Our speaker will be presenting a seminar of interest to the parrot enthusiast. Don't miss our fabulous onboard silent auction where I encourage you to bid for beautiful parrot related items. All money from the auction goes directly to World Parrot Trust.  A schedule of the seminars will be sent to you before we sail.

Nov. 8

Our Really Super Awesome & Wonderfully Magnificent Event You Should Attend #4

Murder in Margaritaland. That is right. We are going to have a Murder Mystery and our group is going to find out whodunnit Join in the fun and play the part of one of the characters. Or just watch the fun and guess who the murderer is. More Information to come. Consider yourself invited. Look For invitation in your email and character you can play. Or just attend as one of oour guests. Be a super sleuth! Eveyone gets to guess whodunnit in the end!


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