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Carol's General Tips For Cruising

Trust me, I've been on quite a few cruises in my day. Take some advice on what can be useful to bring along without adding much weight to your suitcase. Some of these tips have sure come in handy for me. Take what sounds good for you, leave the rest.

Tip One:

Over The Door Shoe Holder is an essential to take on a cruise. I am talking about those plastic ones that affix over the door. Hang it on the bathroom door and use for hairbrushes, makeup, shoes, camera items, cords, etc​Gives you more room in your closet too.

Tip Two:

Tip Two: Bring along small bills for tipping when you are off the ship or for buying souvenirs form local artisans who might not be able to run credit cards. Most Caribbean islands accept American dollars.

Tip Three

Small bungee cord can come in handy to keep balcony door open or attach suitcases together. 

Tip Four

Post-it notes come in handy to leave your roommate a note or tell the steward that you need an extra pillow.

Tip Five

Duct Tape is good for a multitude of repairs such as bags, suitcases, broken flip flops, as well as stripping lint from your dress or suit.

Tip Six:

Thermal coffee cup. OK, if you love coffee, keep in mind that cruise ships provide only a small cup of your favorite brew. If you need a boost to get going in the morning, that can be frustrating.

Tip Seven:

Power strip. Most staterooms have one outlet to use for all your electronic devices. How are you going to power up cameras, phones, ipads, ipod. 

Tip Eight

Small waterproof bag available at Amazon for about $8. Great to keep your money, room card, ID. Fantastic for when you go to the beach.

Tip Nine:

Clothespins are great for hanging up clothes on that retractable line in the shower. Clothes dry quicker hung up rather than draped over the line. Also handy for holding drapes closed.

Tip Ten:

Anti-bacterial wipes are a useful item to have even though the cruise ships pride themselves on their cleanliness, still, it doesn't hurt to wipe up around the bathroom or carry around to wipe your hands. Ships do provide convenient anti-bacterial stations around the ship to wash your hands but I bring along wipes anyway. 

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