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Welcome Amy Fennell from Natural Encounters

Amy Fennell began working professionally with animals in 1999, caring for companion

animals and exotics at a veterinary hospital before attending the University of Guelph,

where she got her start with both birds of prey and environmental education at the Wild

Bird Clinic. She moved into a leadership role with that program a few years later while

also working as a resource interpreter at the Mountsberg Raptor Centre, focusing on

environmental education with non-releasable native birds of prey. As Raptor Centre

Lead, she additionally acted as a Program Director for the Eastern Loggerhead Shrike

Recovery Program, as well as managing and training a variety of non-avian wildlife,

including native insectivorous bats and both native and non-native reptiles and


She joined the Natural Encounters, Inc., team in 2014 and has been thrilled to work on

mixed species free-flight projects in Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Arizona, and Florida. Amy is

also a member of the NEI TEC faculty, and has consulted at facilities in Maryland, Ohio,

Florida, Alaska and Canada. She is an organizer, lecturer, and team lead for the

Professional Contemporary Bird of Prey Training and Management Workshop, and

frequently a team lead for the Professional Contemporary Animal Training and

Management workshop.

Amy is a certified professional bird trainer (CPBT-KA). She is a General Board Member

for the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE) and is the Chair

of IAATE’s Professional Development Committee. She is always looking forward to the

next great avian adventure!

See the information under heading Shore Excursions for our onboard itinerary

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