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Carol Cipriano started the Parrot Lovers Cruise in 2009. She combined her passion for parrots with her expertise in the travel business. Teaming up with World Parrot Trust from the very first year, the Parrot Lovers Cruise is proud to have been able to donate to aid in the crusade to help parrots survive in the wild.  

Carol has shared her life with different parrots over the years, but, due to a very severe medical condition, she does not have birds in her house at this time. Instead, she shares her life with one very cute Miniature Schnauzer named Jesse and a bossy Yorkshire Terrier named Robbie. However, Carol's passion to save the parrots is as strong as it ever was.

Carol wants to thank all of you who are sailing with us or have sailed with us for your contributions to saving the parrots. Because of you, we have been able to do what we do.

Carol Cipriano

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Check out Carol's books below

Hazel's Horrible Adventure

Carol lives with her husband Gary and two dogs in Pennsylvania where the winters are cold. She found it the very best time to write books. So far Carol has published two children's books and is working on a mystery. Hazel's Horrible Adventure is Carol's first children's book. The story of a very sassy Scarlet Macaw is one of surviving and teaches parrot conservation. It took 4 years of editing and illustrating until Hazel's story was finished. Hazel's Horrible Adventure is available on Amazon along with Carol's second children's book - Robbie Is All Grown Up Now - the story of a little dog who is very confused about what he wants to be now that he is "all grown up" and it is based on her life with her Yorkshire Terrier - Robbie.

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