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Tell a Friend about the PLC. If they book, you could win a dinner at a specialty restaurant onboard.  

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Information on World Parrot Trust is available at www.parrots.org


"Each year I have gone, I've come bock with new ideas.

This is one event to plan on for 2017."

"If you could help conserve parrots and at the same time have an idyllic vacation, would you? Join the 2017 Parrot Lovers Cruise and have it all!"

"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"

Welcome to the 2017 Parrot Lovers Cruise

Join us on the 9th Parrot Lovers Cruise, our 2017 Extravaganza!

Discover some of the bluest waters and best sightseeing in the world.  Educate yourself with our onboard parrot seminars and visit exotic ports of call. A spectacular cruise for all parrot enthusiasts.

Our Mission

To create a venue where parrot lovers can travel together, learn, enjoy and get a chance to see parrots in the wild while supporting parrot conservation by donations to a worthy organization, such as World Parrot Trust, to aid in their efforts to protect parrots.  

Sponsors of Parrot Lovers Cruise

There are great people and fantastic organizations out there who are keen to help us make a difference. Our sponsors and supporters are incredibly generous with their time and contributions for our onboard auction. The money raised by the auctions goes directly to parrot conservation and welfare. Please help us support their generosity by visiting the sites listed alphabetically below.

behaviorworks.org      Dr Susan Friedman 

birdjewelry.com    Bird Jewelry

carolstraveltime.com   Carols Travel Time

Linda Krause Fabric Art (no website)

mybirdstore.com   Bird Paradise d/b/a My Bird Store

naturalencounters.com   Steve Martin's Natural Encounters

robbiegarrityart.com  Robbie Garrity Art

parrots.org   World Parrot Trust 

carolyncarrbelize.com  Artist Carolyn Carr


Please call Carol for more information


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